Thursday, January 23, 2014

Design a Special Angles City

Today we began construction on our cities! This project wraps up our special angle pairs and transversal unit. Yesterday, my students worked in groups to plan their city. It has two buildings at different angle pairs. For example, the bank and post office are at alternate interior angles. They had a lot of great conversation about where to put all the different buildings.

It's hard to pull out the creative with my kids because they were not exposed to projects and hands on learning before they got to us! 

They are always saying they feel like they are in a kindergarten class! 

That's how I know I am doing something right!

The cities always turn out great and it's a super easy way to visually see if they have mastered parallel lines with transversals and special angles!

You can find the directions and more at my TpT store!


Linear Relationships

I have loved using the interactive student notebooks this year! To introduce linear relationships we looked at how tennis balls bounce when dropped from different heights. 

See the ISN in the background?! Love! The students graphed their results and then we talked about it. It really helped them begin to see the relationship and it was a great introduction to slope. 

The left side was the tennis ball data and graph (it opens up to a full page). The right side was our thinking page for all the things we know about slope. The tennis ball activity gives me a reference point to go back to during the slope unit. 

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