Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mathematical Practices Posters

I adore Sarah at everybody is a genius! When I grow up I want to be Sarah! One of her ideas I stole are these mathematical practices posters that you can find here. My district is big about wanting us to use these this year so I made a whole wall for them!

We also put them in the front cover of our Interactive Student Notebooks for reference. They are a great, kid-friendly way to talk about math practices!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Personality Swirlies

I love the first week of school! New shoes, new faces, new school supplies! One of the activities I love doing with my new 8th graders is a personality swirly! I found this awesome activity here. Start with swirly lines. Students always take the looongest time getting them just right!

We do first name, last name, and 4 adjectives that describe your personality. It's hard to get them not to list things like baseball, football, Xbox. It's hard to talk about yourself!

They look awesome hanging and it's a great way to get to know those new faces sitting in your classroom! 



I love throwing art in with my math! The kids at my school aren't offered any electives so any time I can add art, I totally do!

This is one of the ways I introduce translations! We make a design by drawing any kind of line along the bottom of an index card.

Cut the line, "translate" it up and tape!

Repeat on the side!

Step back and look! Maybe turn your shape...until it looks like something!

Maybe a duck! Or a...

Jellyfish! Then, translate your shape on paper tracing, translating, tracing, coloring until you have amazing math art! 

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