Sunday, October 20, 2019

Personal Narrative in Your Head

Creative Writing is an elective at my school that 6th graders take. The teacher is amazing and she asked me to help her come up with something fun for personal narrative writing. We talked through how students would be thinking and writing about themselves for their writing. I immediately thought of a DoInk video I had scrolled through on Instagram. DoInk Green Screen is an app for iPhones and iPads that has endless possibilities using green screen technology. 

Students made movies with images about themselves in iMovie. We set the pictures to flip every 2 seconds so it would look like the thoughts were moving through their head. We used green paper to create a green screen for our heads. The app did the rest!

DoInk uses layers allowing you to choose videos or images or a combination of both or you can even record live from the app. For this project, we added their iMovies on the bottom layer. We used the video on the app to record their head with the green screen on it.

Students were nervous about sitting there for 30 seconds "thinking" and kept asking what they should do during the videoing! I would say make the face you have when you think! 

You had to get up close to make the video fit inside the "green screen" so be sure to make students comfortable with that!

The Creative Writing students are now ready to write their personal narratives! This was a super fun project. This green screen app makes my head swirl with ideas of what I can do with it next! 

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