Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Distance Using Pythagorean Theorem and Crows

This lesson has been swirling in my head for a couple of years. I have talked about how the crow flies when teaching distance using the Pythagorean Theorem, but wanted more to really seal the shortest distance idea with students. The school is full of right angles and I knew I should be using those for math. Today was "real-world" story problems and counting squares in the hall for the win! By "real-world" I mean...I {could} teleport with enough Mountain Dew... I am sure!

Students were given four story problems that took them all over the schoolhouse! When you try to play super hard with toddlers to make them tired...that was me with my 8th graders today! Many students said what a fun activity it was which is HUGE with the only three weeks left, after testing, why are you still making us do work, sunshine shining, ready for the summer vibe we have in Room 206. 

Heads down counting square tiles all over the building was hilarious to watch. Especially when your group keeps trying to make you mess up counting so you have to cover your ears and count out loud. Or your partner makes you stand at the right angle while he counts.

I highly suggest you make up some "real-world" stories and have your kiddos find the shortest distance even if it has to be through walls or flying over the cafeteria. Ignore our sad, bare walls. They made us take everything down to paint.

Just be sure to clarify the units you are measuring in. I have drilled "no naked numbers" into my students' brains. The student below obviously didn't want a naked number so her best guess was {miles}?! But she did get the correct number of Mountain Dews!

The best part of the lesson was that I made my activity rings happy. I almost closed all three just at school! 

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