Thursday, September 9, 2021

PowerPoint Like a Boss


I use PowerPoint for EVERYTHING! I get asked all the time how I make different forms or slides or handouts and my answer is always POWERPOINT! I even did a professional development session on it and included how to get some great fonts. I received a lot of great feedback from that! I decided to make a short tutorial on my favorite tricks and tips that will make text standout and your backgrounds pop!

I treat my first slide like a mood board. I collect images from Pinterest, Instagram, Google, old PowerPoints, any wallpaper or backgrounds that inspire me and put them on the first slide. This is the beginning of my process and let's me get an overall feel of what I want it to look like. That is why I call it my mood board!

I have talked about color palettes before but I cannot stress enough how much inspiration can be gained from a good one! If you haven't discovered the website Coolors then stop reading now and go PLAY! It is the most fun and most time you will spend finding the perfect color palette! The tutorial shows some tips for using it. Another way to get a good color palette is a google image search with words like "bright color palette, warm color palette, pinks color palette." Once you have your palette, put it on the sides of your "paper" in your powerpoint and use it for all your text and shapes. I also show you how to use the eyedropper with this in the tutorial!

Another website that will add SO much to your PowerPoints and slides is! This website lets you drop an image in and it removes the background for you in seconds. This makes adding your images to a background so easy and really makes them stand out.

Other little tricks you will find in the tutorial are how to use the eyedropper to get the exact color you want for text and shapes and how adding an outline to your letters will make them standout. I also show you how to make an image go from a white background to clear with a couple of clicks! I hope the tutorial inspires you and makes you want to PowerPoint Like a Boss!


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