Saturday, August 22, 2020

Digital Teacher Tool Box Using Google Sites

I don't know about yours, but my google drive and files are not ready for company to come over! I can't even hide things in closets folders to make it look tidy! With all the digital things in our teacher lives, sometimes it is hard to find the things we need on the reg. So I wanted to create a digital hub or binder or clipboard, if you will, to be able to easily access those things. 

A teacher website just for YOU with all the digital things you use like daily slides, checklists, lesson plans, communication logs. All the things that have gone digital but go missing in your drive! The tutorial linked at the end of the post will walk you through some ideas of what to include. If you have not created a google site before, please go HERE for a step-by-step to make your first one! I will link all the things at the end of the post! Let me walk you through the things I linked to give you ideas of what you could put on your site.

So many of us are using daily or weekly agendas and bitmoji classrooms and your teacher site is a great place to link these. You could create the whole year in one slide deck and just hide the ones you don't need. 

If you have gone digital with your lesson plans, your teacher site is a great place to link those. Lesson planning in google sheets is another great use for Sheets. You can keep adding tabs for each week and you could also have a monthly view. Using a digital planner means you can have it anywhere, on any device.

CHECKBOXES! All the heart eyes for checkboxes in Google Sheets! And just look at that color! This is how you make grading more fun! Sheets are a great tool to use for checklists such as attendance, grades, activities completed, standards mastered and anything else you need super cute checkboxes for!

Add freeze frames, directional text, and images to personalize and make the sheets work for you! I wish I had learned of freeze frames long before I counted, stopped, and then forgot what the column or row was I was even counting! You can adjust the freeze on rows and columns so that your names and titles always show when you scroll through the data.

Student check-ins are so very important in creating a community of learners. You learn about your students and can intervene when they have needs all from this one little form! Add some flair to it with your bitmoji or gif of yourself! With this link on your teacher site, you are able to check responses really quickly.

I saved my FAVE for last! Let's talk parent communication logs and how to keep up with all the calls, emails, texts, reminds, notes we write. So for this form you will link to your fillable version by "sending" it and using that link. You want to be able to fill the form out yourself, not edit, so that the responses you enter are recorded. 

By setting up the form for the communication log in a way that captures everything you need, your documentation is done for you! You can organize and filter your data however you want. But it is timestamped with all the data there JUST by completing your form each time you make contact! So great, right?! I am currently thinking of other forms I need to make that will collect data and make my logs for me!

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you could put on your teacher site. Organizing all of the digital forms, sheets, websites, and more that we will be using during this school year will help our mental health!


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