Sunday, August 19, 2018

Breakout Boxes for Team Building has a game for anyone and everyone! I love that their games span all content and ages. Two of my tried and true faves for team building are TEAMWORK and Elf.

I have used TEAMWORK the first week of school for the last couple of years. I love how it breaks the ice and makes kids comfortable to persevere right from the start. I have only ran the breakout as a whole class and I love how it is so telling of the class dynamics. Who the leaders are, who will speak up when they have an idea, who will organize the ideas and just have to sit back and observe.

Students learn quickly how to communicate and work together! It makes my teacher heart happy to see every time I do one!

The day before we get out for the holidays is always a great time for the ELF breakout. Students love the movie and are familiar with the locks so there is always high interest. Team building is an everyday thing in my classroom but big activities like these are perfect for end of quarter breaks.


I used's list of supplies and created my own box. Home Depot was super sweet to give me a deal on locks. I love all the different types of locks and had no idea some even existed like a directional lock! I have just kept adding to this collection whenever I see a cool lock.

I created my own breakout for Real Numbers and it was a LOT of work! It was so worth it though to watch my students solve the clues and get excited!


This year, I started a new position as Curriculum Leader and wanted to try a breakout during our back to school in-service with teachers to demonstrate how awesome it is.

They loved it just as much as the students did! They were also just as competitive wanting to know how the other groups did and who broke out the fastest!

AND THEN! The PE Teachers wanted to do one the first week of school and asked for help setting it up. Yesssss! I helped them with the first couple of classes and then they took over and rocked it!

The air conditioning was out in the gym so they were stuck in the cafeteria. A whole cafeteria of Boys' PE is definitely the biggest group I have ever played. But they spread out and got to work on their clues and then helped other groups when they finished. It was amazing!


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