Sunday, August 5, 2018

Classroom {Office} Tour

This will be my first year without a classroom and I have to say it feels a little weird! I super LOVE reading all of the back to school blog posts, especially classroom tours! I am in love with my space and will never be able to thank my hubby enough. This is his 11th back to school classroom and he did not disappoint!


I went to pick up my key in July and asked where my classroom which I got laughter and shown this office. I knew I wanted to make it mine and that would include some flexible seating. The space is small so stand up tables seemed to be the best option. My vision is teachers collaborating and coming up with amazing things while they sit or stand. 

This table was the beginning and I had a specific color I wanted that Lowe's nor Home Depot nor Sherwin Williams had! Imagine that! So we invested in Annie Sloan and made our own. It turned out to be the perfect aqua color I was wanting. 



Did I mention how awesome this guy is? He makes all my Pinterest dreams come true! By giving more space to the table, I lost storage space. Big decisions had to be made about what was important to have in my ONE cabinet. 


Sizing down from a huge classroom with thousands of cabinets to an office left just a little in the storage unit! 


The TOROS are my new school's mascot. How super fun is this trophy Toro, that we even got to put together, for my wall?! I still have lots to do with finishing touches, including an amazing calendar that is coming soon. Binders for the shelves with all the things in them. A fake plant or lamp maybe for the empty spaces on the wall. But I love how it turned out and wanted to share it with you before we start back tomorrow. I am beyond excited to start a new position even though my heart is teaching math. Here is to the best year ever!

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