Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Summer Summertime

Ah, summer! I am finally settling in to a summer routine. Where you don't know what day of the week it is. Where you lose track of time because the days are so long. I love summer!

The last couple of weeks are always such mixed emotions! I get so excited that summer is finally here and then sad once it is all packed away. 

On the last day a group of my boys were waiting for me at the entrance to our school with this big surprise...

They had flowers, cards, Mountain Dew, balloons, this big sign, and their precious smiles! Made my year! 

So, another school year is in the books! I have big organization goals this summer. I want to transfer all of my "stuff" from files in a filing cabinet to binders. How do you organize all of your lessons and activities? Files, binders? I would love to hear! Happy summer!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dragon Boat Race

My school entered a team into the Dragon Boat Festival to race. I volunteered to be on the team and got to spend half of our teacher work day on the water practicing for the race! Best teacher work day ever! 

While we were practicing, I was asking questions about the distance of the race. There was lots to learn about Dragon Boat Racing! We did patterns of 5 strokes and immediately my math brain took over! Math in the real world or in this case, the delta with the alligators! 

The race distance is 250 meters which converts to about 2.5 football fields. As we practiced, I started trying to figure out how many 5 stroke patterns it would take to get to the finish! We practiced our start and race pace which got us up to 50 strokes. As we are paddling away my math nerd brain is counting and calculating! So when my principal asks how many strokes it usually takes to finish, I pipe up with my guess! The instructor said and there is the math teacher! Yep! I love numbers! I am looking forward to the festival and race on Saturday. It is going to be super fun!

I love sharing math in the real world thanks to the bloggers below! Go ahead and click on over to their blogs to see more math in the real world! 


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