Saturday, March 14, 2015

Math Nerds Unite!

Pi Day of the Century! Whoop! We celebrated it yesterday in my class. Much more fun than Friday the 13th!

This year I found an amazing video from a blog I have recently found. Who knew there was a World Champion Free Hand Circle Drawer! For real! He is the champion! And I knew I had to add it to our Pi Day fun! So we had a circle drawing competition. This student's birthday is today! She thought I was a weirdo because I got so giddy about it! It's probably the reason she could draw the best free hand circle! You have to look hard to see it. 

After the competition we made giant Pi symbols. They turned out great and look awesome hanging around the room. 

It was a fun way to end the quarter. Now we are three-fourths of the way to summer! Yippee!

Happy Pi Day!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quilt Dilations

It always starts with a napkin driving down the road!

Disclaimer: My secretary 13 year old daughter took notes, I drove! 

This is how math teachers get a win after a long week! Crafts that require math!

It all started at a baseball game in the arctic wind. That's 30 degrees here in south Alabama! My fave quilt for the ballpark is old and not school colors so I decided I needed a new one. We made a baby quilt for the cutest TS ever and I knew I wanted to create it in big people size. If you sew, this is the tutorial I used, super easy!

Enter proportions, fractions, measurement, dilations, and real world math! *Squeal*

My projects always start with scribble scrabble and I know the fabric cutters think I am crazy. I always save my scratch paper so I can show my kids at school how I "show my work!" I make a big deal when working problems to show everything hoping they will too!

I know my students think I have no life because I love bringing in examples of real world math that I did outside of school and showing it to them. I think it is important for them to see that math is all over, not just inside the classroom. So I walked through how I knew how much fabric to get and how big to cut the strips. That it is skills we had learned already this year. They suffered through with me, but I hope these little real world snippets of math help them see how important it is.

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