Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Parallel Lines and Transversals

Parallel lines and transversals are one of my favorite things to teach! I love that they are like big puzzles to solve. The oh so fun "when will I use this" question is easily answered with so many real world angles that can be used. And coming off of slope, it is a huge confidence booster. You see why they are my fave?!

Trying to get them to memorize the vocabulary of the angle pairs that go with transversals is always a big. I tell my kids all the time we have to use our big boy and girl words so we can speak math! I spent more time this year than I usually do on just the vocabulary and being able to show the angle pairs. We made these flash cards that I used last year from Sarah. It is funny how the flash cards become their security blankets...as you can see above! We also colored so, so many dots labeling the angle pairs all over the place. This year, I don't have space in my room {read 38 kids every block} to do the transversals on the floor so I needed another way to get their hands on them. Cue, Pinterest! I found this picture and with all the dots we had been coloring, my mind went straight to needing to cut some circles! They turned out more egg-like but we all got the gist!

I called out all the angle pairs and they placed them in the correct location. A great way for me to assess quickly and walk around to help those that needed it. After I called them out a few times, I had them quiz each other. They love to quiz each other!

I love how they still helped each other even though they were not partners. This was a great activity to get them ready to add equations to the pairs.

Now to wean them off the flash cards!

Here are the flash cards!

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