Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scatter Plots & Correlation

I like to begin scatter plots with the height and arm span activity. You see different versions all over but it is a simple way to introduce this standard. And I can't figure out why but kids LOVE to measure each other and to be measured! I always have a few who have to measure their ears or nose or head! You've got to love 8th graders! 

I found a great interactive notebook entry from the super amazing Everybody is a Genius blog. We wrote definitions and then matched the situations to the type of correlation it was. Great way to show real life and to get them thinking about the correlations. As they were measuring and recording, we made a spreadsheet of the class data. This helps them see the data form a correlation as everyone enters their measurements. Fun!


Monday, May 19, 2014

State Testing

State testing has been going on for two weeks now. Two weeks of no set schedule and having one class for 30 minutes and another for 2 hours. Sounds dreamy, right?! After the first week I gave up trying to keep everyone on the same lesson and did art! As I have said before, my school doesn't have electives so I love giving them art when I can work it in. This crazy schedule seemed like the perfect time!

The first thing we did was optical illusion art. I followed these great instructions and they turned out well. So well that we moved on to agamograph kinetic art. 

Definition: – An agamograph is a piece of art work composed of two separate images. Since the images are folded in an accordion style, as the viewer passes by the piece, the images morph from the first image to the second image.

I showed them a video of an example to get them interested. They were super impressed and immediately started thinking about what they could draw. We had lots of night/day, Spongebob/Patrick, and sun/moon. But some got creative! One student, who is very reluctant when the markers are out, did a tornado and the second drawing was of the damage with trees knocked down and it was amazing! He was so proud of it he carried it around for the whole week! 

After you have your two drawings you measure off each inch on the back and label A11 down to A1 on the first one and B11 to B1 on the second.

Cut the drawings into strips. Then alternate A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, etc. leaving a small space between until all the strips are glued down. 

Once they are glued, fold it like an accordion or fan. Then open and move from side to side to see the transformation! It is super fun to see their faces light up with pride when they see their finished art!

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