Monday, December 5, 2016

Dance Dance Transversal

This may be my most fave of all time ever! My daughter and I worked on it for days to get the beat just right and it was totally worth it! Remember the Dance Dance Revolution at the movie theater? Or Just Dance on the Wii? That is where the idea came from.

Parallel lines cut by transversals is one of my favorite things to teach. There are so many fun activities to do that are engaging and hands/feet-on. I have put big transversals on the floor with tape for the last few years to practice the special angle pairs. I wanted something bigger and better. I have found that the stronger their vocabulary is with special angles, the easier it is for them to apply them to finding missing measurements. I talked about a couple of other activities we do here.

So without further ado! The real reason for the post! Dance Dance Transversal. I first saw the idea here and loved it. My google-ing led to these videos. I wanted to update it with current hit songs for my kiddos. My vision for this was bigger than my classroom so we took over the cafeteria stage! The big screen made it feel deluxe!

It took each class a couple of rounds of the beginner song to get warmed up.

But when the "elimination round' came up, it was on. I may or may not encourage lots of competition!

We had a lot of fun and they have asked every day since for more! Here are the videos we made if you want to try it out in your classroom! 

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