Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flip Book of Transformations

If you have read any of my posts, you know I love a good math art ending to a unit! Transformations are one of my faves because of all the art we get to do! I have blogged about translations and reflections. I need to blog about rotations and dilations! Until then, you are going to love these flip books!

The criteria for the flip book is that it has to have all four transformations in it. I love how this project can pull it all together at the end. Getting all four is really hard for some of them to do. They get wrapped up in the animation of it and forget the transformations. The dilations are the hardest because they try to change the image when they are making it bigger or smaller. After all the work, they are so excited to show me the finished product. We have a big time flipping through each other's books!

Now that you are excited and want to make your own flip book, here is how we did it! We watched a bunch of YouTube videos for inspiration. This tutorial does a great job explaining how to make the book and the steps for drawing. We follow this guy's advice and make a story board. I have my kids do 20 pages. They want to immediately start with the book but to make sure they have all of their transformations the story board is helpful.

I hope your kids love creating these flip books as much as mine did!



  1. I LOVE this activity! I am really looking forward to doing this project this year to wrap up transformations. I have a project that I used to do where students made a figure and did all four transformations into each quadrant and recorded the new points. Not only was it tedious for them to do, oh my the GRADING!! Anyways, I would love to do this activity, but I was wondering what you used to grade it with. Do you have a rubric or any other documentation that you used to introduce the requirements to students that you'd be willing to share? Thanks!! :)

    1. Yay! So glad you are excited! Your kids will love it! I actually didn't do a rubric formally. I wrote on the board the requirements and their value. The grading mostly happened as they worked because I spent a lot of time revising their story board as they went. I did it out of 100, made each transformation 20 and cover/creativity 20. Hope this helps!


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