Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day, Nerds!

Happy Pi Day! This math teacher's fave day! It was perfect timing because my students were dragging today after the time change! We did the Pi Chain, shared it here, and it did not disappoint. I loved watching 1st and 2nd block kids come back at the end of the day and see how much had been added!

After the first row of numbers, it starts to go really fast! Each class has their own little system of assembly.

We also borrowed Pi-kus from Math = Love. They came up with some really great ones.

Definitely the best thing about the poems was watching the kids clap out the syllables! I also gave them a challenge of reciting the digits of Pi. We are going to do it Friday because they wanted more time to memorize. The winner gets a "real chocolate pie" so they are pretty motivated! To make our day complete, we had a Pi Day Sing Along! Yes, I can get 8th graders to sing Pi songs to the tune of Christmas songs. Yes, they loved it! Here is a sample for your listening pleasure!

The Pi Chain was 1,300 links. It filled our room and had to go into the hallway and they were begging to do it tomorrow. When you leave them wanting more, it feels like success! Hope your Pi Day was super fun!



  1. You are the most incredible Teacher I've ever seen in my WHOLE life time

  2. This lesson is probably liked by all teachers of mathematics, since this topic is easily given to many students and because of this everything happens very well.


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