Thursday, February 24, 2022

Neurographic Art


We have been restructuring our study hall to be more of an advisory time for students. On Thursdays, we do Tutorial Time and teachers offer different sessions for academics and wellness. Students sign up on Monday based on the list of session descriptions and this session "sold out" fast this week!

Neurographic art is a process that comes from psychology and is super science-y! Neurons engage and your worries go away! This was a great way for students to have a few minutes of down time to release some stress and worry. I did a video tutorial that is linked at the bottom and the steps are below if you would rather read. I hope you can find time to take a few minutes and just relax and create some Neurographic art.

SUPPLIES: Sharpies, pencil, tape, cardstock, and relaxing music are all that you need for this art project. 

The first thing you will do is write down a worry or challenge that has been on your mind. Write this in pencil on one side of the paper and then flip it over.

The next step is to tape your paper down on all four sides. This step is optional but will help you stay in control as you draw and it leaves a cool border on your art when you are finished! You could tape it down to a bigger piece of paper or cardboard or just down to the table. If you plan to use watercolor paint, I would recommend using the tape.

Once you have taped your paper down, grab your sharpie and get ready to draw. You are going to just draw freely, squiggles, lines, curves, whatever feels good to you as you think about your worry that you wrote on the back. Draw freely for several seconds making sure to extend all the way to the edge. You can also take your tape and trace circles or use other objects to create shapes on your drawing.

The transformation is next and this is where you "curve out" all the sharp corners. You will want to round out any intersections of lines or places that seem sharp. This curving out is where your worry becomes something positive! Just relax and continue to curve and round!

At this point you should be relaxed and listening to your music and in the zone of curving out your sharp lines. Your worry or stress is turning into something positive!

You can leave your neurographic art just like it is or you can color it! You could use anything from markers or colored pencils to watercolor. You could do patterns or gradients. So many choices! I found this to be super relaxing and helped really put me in a great headspace. I hope it can do the same for you! The video tutorial is below!




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