Sunday, March 9, 2014

Auction Time

The gigormous Mountain Dew went for 60 salutes! 

End of the 3rd quarter! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Now if we can just make it to spring break we are home free!

I use an auction at the end of the quarter as part of my behavior, work hard, motivation for the students. All through the quarter, I give salutes. Our school mascot is an Admiral so our school-wide positive behavior reward is a "salute." Students earn these for hard work and good behavior. Our school recognizes Admirals of the Week but I like to use them to motivate even more in my classroom!

The kids save their salutes for the whole quarter to use as money at the auction. In addition to the junk food in the buggy, I auction coupons for things in the classroom like sit anywhere for a day, math journal pass, drop a test grade. They love this! It's a great way to reward their efforts all quarter! And it's fun for me to see them so excited, planning and strategizing what they are going to bid on! 


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