Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reflections with Names

More art in math! I love the Geometry in Pre-Algebra for this reason! In my search for something fun to do with reflections, I found this fun project!  I started with my name to have an example for my kids. I also showed them the finished names from Mrs. Howard's class photos. 

I found I had to say over and over NOT to cut all the way! Letters and names kept falling! And "uh, can I have another sheet" and "grrr, I have to start over" were flying! They did get the hang of it and I think they look amazing! Here are some of my faves! 



  1. Loved this! Had a last minute panic about ideas and this filled the gap wonderful. Many thanks from Switzerland!!

    1. Yay! Math art always fills gaps! Thanks for reading. I hope they turned out awesome!


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