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Math Teachers At Play: Blog Carnival Edition #111

Welcome to the Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival Edition #111! I was included in the 77th edition and have wanted to contribute ever since then. So I am super excited to bring you ways to play math with children and students. You are going to want to play right away, but first, here are some fun things about the number 111 (Eleventy-One)!

We have to start with NASA, in honor of the Total Solar Eclipse we just experienced! STS-111 was a space shuttle mission to the International Space Station flown by Endeavor.

111 would be the magic constant for the smallest magic square composed only of prime numbers if 1 were counted as a prime.
A six-by-six magic square using the numbers 1 through 36 also has a magic constant of 111.
Numbers like 111 that appear the same under 180 degree rotations are called strobograms. Fun!
If you concatenated three copies of 111 and then squared the result, you get 
(111,111,111)2 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

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Math Play for Littles 

I had a professional development opportunity this summer where Kent Haines was my trainer. I quickly found out we were in the same circles on Twitter. I have enjoyed reading about how he plays math with his children. He has extended that math to other children in his community through sessions at his local library. Read more about how he created his own set of polyhexes here.

Bedtime Math is a website that offers parents and kids number fun at home. It has different levels of daily fun facts and riddles. Use this website daily to spark conversations with your children from little to big!

Making Sense of Math in the PYP is a collection of number talk transcripts between a teacher and student. After setting the stage with the script, Lee C. Dawson asks us to think about what makes sense about what the student did, what the students work tells us about their thinking, and what we would say or do next with the student.
Table Talk Math is a website and weekly newsletter, that comes straight to your inbox, that includes math prompts and pictures to help guide the math conversation at home. The prompts are meant to be used around the dinner table to help increase math fluency.

Math Play for School

Number talks are an amazing way to play math at school! Tina Cardone's post about using images and simply asking "How many?" will be something I implement in my classroom this year. The rich conversations that she showed us from doing this is important to students' number sense building. She linked to her collection of photographs as well as the collection of this number talk site.

Denise Gaskins' post "What Number Am I?" could easily be adapted to a mental math number talk. I have also seen this used as a 20 questions type icebreaker with the number on a name tag on students' backs.
Christopher Danielson hosts Math On A Stick at the Minnesota State Fair. It is described as twelve days of mathy fun! The booth is set up for math play with different activity tables. Christopher also makes amazing tiling turtles, pentagons, and more. They are beautiful and you should go to his store and browse. You can also #tmwyk on Twitter to get ideas about how to talk to kids about math.

Math On-A-Stick
Play With Your Math is a website with a collection of attention grabbing problems to play with. Problems are adapted so everyone can play and explained with just enough words that students can discover the solution through productive struggle.
Sara Van Der Werf said I needed to get a play table for my math classroom and so I did! I have only had students for a week and that included the Eclipse day so they haven't had a lot of time to play. I have already had a couple of groups stop and play though. No instructions, just tiles that they can play with however they want!
My Play Table
I hope you enjoyed this MTaP collection of MATH PLAY! If you know of other awesome links, add them in the comments!



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