Friday, August 4, 2017

Snapchat Geofilter for the Win

Snapchat is the social media platform most of our students use often every second of the day! I try to stay current on the things they love so I can do math with what they are interested in. We were planning our last cross-curricular field trip of the year and I had the idea to make a geofilter for the students to use while we were there. It was super easy to make and the students loved using it while we were geocaching! They were super impressed with me! So if you haven't heard of geofilters, it is just a filter that is overlayed on photos that gives your location or event.

See how fun they are! I love using them everywhere we go. They also have them for special days, holidays, big events. We haven't been to a city that doesn't have several options. You can make one for your event too! Start by creating an image. You want to think about the size because you don't want it so big it covers your face!

I clearly made mine too large! I would also think about making it more transparent. Next, I used to resize it and make it transparent. You can check Snapchat's website to make sure you have all of their criteria met!

After you have your photo ready, you get to draw the map boundaries of your geofilter. The geofilter will only work within that boundary and during the times you set.

My own kid thought it would be cool to do his promposal using one. I think she loved it! And so did the rest of the school! He received a lot of snapchats that day saying yes from his friends!

That's it! You submit it to be approved and earn big time cool points with your students! Seriously fun and easy!


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