Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Most Dreamy Pencil Sharpener Ever

As a math teacher, pencils are a really big deal in my classroom. We have all had the struggle of pencils in our classrooms! You know what I am talking about, sharpeners that break or eat the entire pencil in one sharpen, the sharpener that interrupts even the class down the hall it is so loud, a sharpened pencil that the lead falls out or breaks as soon as the student gets back to their seat and writes one thing! With this pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies, all of those struggles are over!

We were down two electric sharpeners and all the cute handhelds to a single sharpener students had to hold over the trash to sharpen! It was a sad story so I started searching for a replacement. I remembered seeing posts about this amazing pencil sharpener and did a quick google search and found it. The most dreamy pencil sharpener ever! I truly cannot say enough awesome things about this sharpener.

Look at that happy math student because of the sharpener! I gave a quick demonstration to each of my classes to show them how it worked.

My office manager was super excited to have a real sharpener. One of the office manager's job is making sure the pencils that are borrowed are returned and sharp for the next class each day. It is a very important job and my office managers all appreciated the new pencil sharpener.

The students even shamed the other teachers on my team by raving about our new one! I have been singing Troy's praises for letting me try one out. He is the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies and is also a teacher. Maybe that is why he knew the value of having a super dreamy sharpener in a classroom.


If you are in need of pencil sharpener that makes no noise, sharpens pencils to a solid point that does not break, and that students will rave about, get over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and order your classroom one. Or join with some teacher friends and place an order to get a great discount.

The most dreamy pencil sharpener ever! Happy sharpening!


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