Friday, June 21, 2019

Combining Like Terms UNO Card Game

Combining Like Terms is taught before they get to me, but it is always good to have a quick review before we start equations. This is one of my favorite additions to the review! You can grab the cards here. I printed on red, green, yellow, and blue paper and then cut. I wasn't sure if I would love it, so I did not laminate. I also made copies of the directions for each group because I tweaked the game play just a little. 

Students shuffled the deck and dealt five cards to each player. I did groups of 4-5 and that worked out well. The deck was placed face down and the game started. 

Once play began, you could lay down a LIKE TERM or LIKE COLOR on your turn. If you did not have a play, you drew one card. If that card didn't play, your turn was over. This differs from real UNO, so make sure you go over the rules or you may have an uprising! 

Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two only worked for their color. The WILD card worked whenever! When a player had one card left, they had to yell UNO...which was hilarious to hear all across the classroom! The player to get rid of all their cards was the winner.

I love friendly competition and my kids got really into this game of UNO. So much so, this group started getting their JRICH Dollars out to bet! Don't worry! I shut it down before any actual bets were placed! They groaned because they wanted to win extra money to use at our Auction. You can read about why money for the Auction is so important here!

Things I would change...put a card stock back to the cards and laminate. It took away some of the strategy and surprise because you could see what colors each player had in their hand. On the set I linked, I added some patterned pages to use for the back of the cards. Other than that, my kids LOVED this! It was amazing to hear them check each other when they played a card that was not like terms. I love when my students speak math! Let me know how it goes if you play with your students, and what we can do to make it better.

Download the UNO Cards Here!



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