Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Rotations Circle Art

So many math concepts connect directly to visual art. I love to be able to end a concept or unit with art! This project is one of my favorites. It could be used for rigid transformations with rotations, rotational symmetry, measuring angles, and even with the unit circle. The results are incredible and students are always amazed that they created something so beautiful...and with "pencil ink!" Let's get to it because you will love this!

Students use one eighth of a circle to create a simple drawing. Simple designs work best because they will be tracing it eight times! The more detailed the design, the less impact it had when finished. 

The next step is to fill the back side of the design piece with pencil lead. Have students place a scratch sheet of paper under their piece while they scribble scrabble on the back creating a solid coat of pencil lead smudge. You will want to use wooden pencils rather than mechanical for this project to ensure the lead transfers. 

Place the design piece in the first part of the circle, smudge side down. Hold the design piece in place and trace the lines of the design. Continue tracing over design into each piece of the circle. You will need to press hard to transfer the lead smudge. It may also be necessary to add smudge to the back of the design piece as you go around if the tracing becomes too light. 

Students can choose to continue using pencil to shade or they can use markers, colored pencils, sharpies, whatever they want to fill in the design with color. Some students also used sharpie to outline the design before they colored and it made it look a lot cleaner. The simplest designs came out stunning once they added color! 

Of course my favorite was the pencil design! You can find other transformation art posts here, here and here. I hope you try these with your transformations or circles unit and let me know how it goes!


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